Thank You

“Thank you Pitler & Associates for working so diligently with my husband and I to execute our first will. We had never been through this process before so needless to say, we were nervous. You went out of your way to ensure every detail was included in our documents and filed them in a timely fashion. Thank you!”

Lorie S.

Honest and Hard Working

Any person who is considering hiring Robert Pitler and Associates Law Firm is FORTUNATE to be reading this review.

Robert Pitler and Associates literally saved my case and my financial life by being diligent and professionally revolving and wining the case that I had went to several other lawyers and law firms to resolve.

The other law firms either attempted to over charge me or they simply said that they could not handle my case.

Robert Pitler and Associates not only took my case and resolved it, but they also did it in a timely manner and at a honest price that I could afford. In the process they went above and beyond their duties. They were also much more than honest and hard working.

I know that this may sound strange to anyone reading this but I sincerely now consider them more as a part of my family than as a part of doing business.

I feel that anyone searching for a good lawyer and law firm should consider themselves BLESSED by God to have found Pitler and Associates, and anyone who passes up the opportunity to hire and work with Robert Pitler and Associates would have to be crazy or just plain stupid not to hire this Law firm.

I am a typically a cynic and I very rarely recommend anyone. However, I will tell you this! Robert Pitler and Associates will be my go-to law firm that I trust from this point forward, and I will recommend all of my family and friends and associates to have Robert Pitler and associates handle all of their legal concerns.

Thank you Robert and thank you Sherri and everyone there for all you’ve done for me. I honestly feel I can never really thank you enough!

Darrell C.

Quickly Settled

Going through a personal legal crisis is difficult and many times I felt overwhelmed by our circumstances. We are so grateful for Robert and his team who were able to quickly settle our case and come to a positive resolution for us. They kept us informed and at ease, through every step of the process. We felt confident and secure knowing Robert was working hard for our best interest. We want to express our deepest gratitude for helping us through what was the most difficult time of our lives.

Amanda & Christopher

Best Experience

The service that we received from Mr. Pitler and his associates has, without saying, been the best experience I’ve ever had concerning legal help, and the need for this type of help. His name and firm will always be on the tip of my tongue should I am asked who I would recommend for such services. His experience speaks volumes, and his results are undeniable. Thank you to all who had involvement with our case, and it has made a huge impact on our lives. Thank you isn’t really enough, but should I find a new way to express sincere gratitude, I will certainly send that expression your way.

Kevin & Rhonda

Fair Billing

I am writing this letter to commend you on the fine job you and your team did this year in matters related to my marital separation. As you know, when I was “ambushed” on the leap day of this year by a subpoena, I had reached out to you in a state of distress. Your instant availability, your willingness to listen, and your sage counseling helped me get through the most difficult time of my life this year. I want to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for that.

What also was remarkable that you were extremely fair in charging for your efforts. Unlike many attorneys who use marital separation to run up the “clock” and “pad” their billing, you kept the costs under control. As you know, I had to part with a significant amount of cash in the settlement for the dissolution of my marriage. Your extremely reasonable fees help me in that I was able to manage the remainder of my cash better.

As much as I appreciate our working together in the above-mentioned case, I hope we don’t have to do this very often! Like most lay people, I am uncomfortable with anything related to lawsuits. At that same time, I feel a sense of comfort that should I ever have to deal with legal matters in the future, I can count on your law firm. I can count on the fact that you will be there for me, will put in your best effort on my behalf, and your fees will be reasonable and affordable.

Thank you once again. I want to wish you and your family the very best for the upcoming New Year!!


Going Above & Beyond

Thanks for all the help this year. Wish to say what a great job you did on all legal work for the company; but most of all in the positive resolution of the “common law marriage” law suit brought against myself. Your firm having to travel out of state to gather testimony and to resolve personal property issues winning the case.