Family Law

Complex Divorces
Today, divorce is not a correct word. Divorce comes from the times when marriages were considered to the ending of a relationship where the parties were made free to enter into a new relationship. Today the word is “dissolved” to describe what is taking place. When a marriage is dissolved, the legal relationships between the parties to the marriage is ended.

Marriage is a property right. There is no fault and each of the parties have their rights as to property division, support and rules as to the relationship with the children of the marriage. The multiple rights of each of the parties and children create a very complex situation.

At Pitler and Associates, P.C. as a matter of philosophy, we tried to find if there is any way to avoid the breakup of a family. If a breakup is necessary we strive always to manage the case to achieve the proper results without causing the parties to incur more costs and expenses than necessary.

Simple Divorces
A dissolution proceeding is considered simple when the parties do not have significant marital property, the relationship is less than five years and there are no children. What we have said in the complex divorce section applies even in simple divorces and we at Pitler and Associates, P.C. will strive to make the process as comfortable and economically as possible.

Children’s Issues
About 1/3 of Domestic relations cases between adults involve children. However, the parties are not married. As a consequence, the Colorado Legislature has passed statute that is in effect treats the situation as if the parties are married. With this procedure only parenting and child support issues are before the Court.