Business Law

This area of law for Pitler and Associates, P.C. is where we are truly different from the other legal firms in our area. It did not happen because of a plan, but rather it came about based on our experiences. What we mean is that our firm has over the years gained very broad areas of representation. As a result, we can offer our clients a one-stop law firm to consult and provide services in a number of areas. When the issue calls for more in-depth knowledge, we associate with other lawyers to provide that needed expertise. The areas we serve are as follows:

• Consultation to assist the businessperson to be aware of the issues that are involved in a particular business situation. Not only have we represented over 200 businesses giving us experience that is without peer, but also we have been in business ourselves. For example, our lawyers are part of the management team for an engineering company providing weapons technology to the Department of Defense. We are also on management teams for real estate development, single family construction and real estate brokerage services.

• Negotiation representation services. For example, you are purchasing a business. Negotiation skills are invaluable to the success of the purchase or for the sale.

• Preparation of contracts necessary for the business. This speaks for itself. Once the negotiation is completed, the preparation of contracts giving life to the negotiated terms as well as anticipating those problems that can arise in the future is the art that we pride ourselves of accomplishing.

• The collection of the amounts owed or the enforcement of the contracts is the lifeblood of a business. Receivables are the bane of business operations. The failure to be paid requires the services of a law firm that can expeditiously bring relief to the business person cannot be overstated. This firm is known as to our abilities to recover for the business client.

• We provide legal representation to the marijuana business community. Our services involved the relationships between the business and governmental regulatory agencies, as well as the legal representation involving the relationships between the licensee and those industries that are tangential to the marijuana business.

• The formation of business entities. Today business can be in may different forms. Corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and various associations.